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Message From The Creator


Hi there! I want to start off by thanking you for visiting my site! My name is Almma, the founder and creator of The Tropical Society. For over a year, I’ve worked so hard to create cool designs on a curated selection of products for day-to-day wear offered at an affordable cost. I designed, customized, and picked out different pieces to build up my store to be something that can’t be found just anywhere. For my first collection I mainly worked with bleach and tie-dye to make every piece unique and one of a kind. The Bandana Collection is inspired by my favorite current trend. The first line in the collection is the Bandana Bikini. To make each bikini stand out, I decided to customize the colors based on the customer’s preferences so that each bikini is different and unique. I hope you guys enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them!



The Tropical Society Family is all about the personalization process. Each of our products is made with love and care as we design and pay attention to every small detail. From the hand-made packaging, the Tropical Society stamp that we mark ourselves, and the special thank you notes we include in every order.
We want to make sure our customers know that the item they purchase is one of a kind .