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**Instagram Comment Rules for Points Accumulation**:

  • **Time Frame**: Comment within the first 3 hours of the post being published to earn points. Comments made after this window will not qualify.
  •  **Appropriateness**: All comments should be positive, relevant, and adhere to a respectful tone. Inappropriate, offensive, or irrelevant comments will not qualify for points and may lead to deductions or disqualification.
  • **Originality**: Comments should be genuine and not repetitive. 
  • **Limit**: Only one qualifying comment per post will earn points. Multiple comments on a single post will not accumulate extra points.
  • **Stay On-Topic**: Comments should be relevant to the content of the post. Off-topic comments will not qualify for points.
  • **Reporting**: If you believe your comment was overlooked or not awarded points, contact our team within 48 hours of the post's publication for review.